Preparing for Your 1st Visit

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What is an Acupuncture Session Like?

On your first visit Rachel will discuss your needs and administer the first treatment.  She will recommend follow up visits as needed.  Generally patients are seen one time per week, every 2 weeks for anywhere from 2-4 visits depending on how acute or chronic the condition is.  Some patients are seen once, then encouraged to call on an “as needed” basis.

Sessions last from 30 min to 1 hour.  Needles used are sterile, disposable and used one time only.  The number of needles used varies greatly from patient to patient.

You don’t need to wear any special clothing; you will be in a private room and gowns, sheets, and towels are provided.  After a session it is common to feel tired and possibly sore.  It is suggested you drink extra water and use heat to alleviate any soreness as needed.IMG_4898

What if I Need to Cancel my Appointment?

Our cancellation policy is 24 hour notice. If you aren’t able to give us 24 hour notice, you will be required to bring in one monster cookie or a batch of one dozen cookies.  Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip are preferred, but please, no raisins, fruit or coconut. Should you prefer to take care of the obligation in cash, the fee is $45.

Insurance & Billing Information

Many health insurance companies cover acupuncture treatment and Rachel is a participating provider with several.  Acupuncture is also covered under Oregon Worker’s Compensation plans as well as the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) section of Motor Vehicle Insurance.

For further information about your specific insurance please contact the office.  We are able to bill insurance companies directly, but as always you are personally responsible for any costs not covered by insurance.

We accept cash,checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express and expect co-payments to be made at the time of service.  Please call for current prices.

Ramp access to 2nd floor

Ramp access to 2nd floor

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